1. Upload the script
  2. Create a new MySQL database for userTrack
  3. Run the auto installer
  4. Add the tracking code to your site

1.4 Tracking a domain

  1. To track a new domain you have to add it first, from the userTrack dashbaord, using the add domain button that appears next to the user that should have access to view data for this domain.
  2. On each page that you want to track you have include this script (actual link provided in your dashboard):
<script src="//" defer></script>

Add it just before the end of the head tag, like so:

<script src="//" defer></script>

If you want different tracking settings for each domain tracked you can change the settings from tracker.js, saving it with another name (eg: tracker-domain1.js) and include this copy on the other domain instead of the original tracker.js.

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