Uploading the script

  1. Upload the script

1.1 Uploading the script

  1. Upload, using cPanel or FTP, the userTrack.zip archive to the root folder of your website (recommended).

  2. Extract the zip file and delete it aftewards.

  3. You should now have a userTrack folder inside the root of your web server.

File permissions

In some cases you might have to change the file permissions (chmod) after they are uploaded. Most of the files only need read permission, but the following files also need write permissions:

  • server/dbconfig.php - write permission needed so the auto-installer can save the database connection information. Write permission can be revoked after the installation is completed.

  • server/ust.min.js - this is the minified tracking script which is updated every time the settings in tracker.js are changed.

Note that userTrack comes with an auto-updater. In order for the updater to replace older userTrack files with the newest version, all userTrack files and folders should be writable from PHP (have write permission).