Dedicated userTrack server

In the guide you will learn why and how to easily create a new server dedicated to running userTrack. After completing this guide, you will have your own userTrack dashboard running on a VPS or dedicated server, accessible by your own domain name.

Quick notes:

1. Benefits of running userTrack on its own server

Although you can install userTrack on the same server as your site, sometimes it might not be possible (eg. your site does not run on PHP) or you might not want to add extra resources on the same server as your site. There are also other advantages of running userTrack on a separate server:

  • Security: If someone somehow gains access to your userTrack installation, or a vulnerability is found in userTrack, the attacker will not be able to affect anything else outside the userTrack dashboard.

  • Site performance: userTrack is well optimized, but it's even better if all userTrack tracking and queries are executed on a separate server, as there is no way for those to affect the performance of the tracked sites.

  • Dashboard performance: The recommended DigitalOcean $5/mo server performance is usually better than most shared hostings, so all the userTrack dashboard will be faster, as all the graphs can be generated faster on the server.

In this guide I show the steps to set-up a $5/mo DigitalOcean server running userTrack. I have no connection to DigitalOcean, I am just a customer. You might use this guide with any other hosting provider that supports the required features.

Why I recommend DigitalOcean:

  • I used them for several projects and I had a really good experience.

  • I already tested and run an userTrack dashboard on one of their $5/mo server.

  • Their interface and UX is one of the best.

  • The server performance is very good for its cost, your userTrack dashboard will be fast.

  • They provide pre-built LAMP images, meaning that you can create a server that already has Apache, PHP and MySQL ready.

  • They allow for cloud-init scripts, which means I can provide you with a script that runs when the server is created to automatically install userTrack for you.

  • They have a referral program. The DigitalOcean links on this page have an affiliate code, so if you don't already have a DO account and you sign-up through the links on this page you will get $100 in credit over 60 days. So you can get a very powerful server for free for first 2 months.

How to install userTrack