Any help is appreciated

Although userTrack is not free, being a product (with a one-time fee and no monthly charge) that is very affordable, the earnings are nowhere near enough to even cover the development costs. If you like userTrack and want to support the further development of the script you can:

1. Spread the word

The best and easiest way to help userTrack grow is to tell your friends about it. Even better, you can earn money while doing so using Envato's referral program.

2. Extend your support period

You can extend the initial 6 months support period included from your CodeCanyon account. By extending the support period before it expires you save around 30%.

3. Support the patreon page

With Patreon you can help by donating a monthly amount while obtaining different benefits such as patron-only posts, the ability to request features to be implemented and even access to a new free API platform that is currently under construction.

Visit my patreon page (currently under construction).

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