Basic usage

(under construction)

2. Usage and features

Note: This guide assumes that userTrack was installed in the public_html root of your site, in a folder called userTrack.

2.1 Accesing the interface

  1. You first have to login.To login go to and enter your password. .

    By default the username is admin and password is ustdefaultadmin

  2. Make sure to change the default password after first logging in.

2.2 Mouse Movement heatmaps

  1. You can enter this section by clicking the first button.

  2. You may now choose which page to show data from. You can also choose a resolution (this is recommended as your website may render differently on different resolutions)

  3. Higher activity regions on the page are shown using the red color.

2.3 Mouse Clicks heatmaps

  1. You can enter this section by clicking the second button.

  2. Same as 2.2 but this heatmap displays areas with most number of clicks.

2.4 Scroll heatmaps

  1. You can enter this section by clicking the third button.

  2. The scroll heatmap is currently based on mouse movements. Higher activity regions are shown with the red color.

2.5 Record Playback

  1. You can enter this section by clicking the fourth button.

  2. Choose a session from the list and click PLAY RECORD to start the playback.

  3. Once the user visits another page the record coresponding to that page will be automatically selcted and played.

  4. To delete a record double click the X icon.

    You can stop playing a record by clicking "STOP"

  5. Important note: Due to performance issues the last page a user visits is not fully recorded. When a user enters a page the recording of the last page is sent. This saves a lot of db usage by reducing the number of requests sent to the server.

2.5.1 Autoplay

  1. You can start autoplaying a list of visits.

  2. In the clients list select one record by clicking it and click "START AUTOPLAY"

  3. All records present in that list including and above the selected record will be played on after another.

    2.6 Settings

  4. You can access this menu by going to "Change tracker settings" on the main dashboard.

  5. Every change you make here is saved directly into tracker.js file.

  6. Every time you open the menu the settings value you see are loaded directly from the tracker.js file.

  7. Place mouse over a setting name or value to see a small description.

2.7 Admin settings

  1. You add users by toggleing the admin panel and clicking the "Add user" button. You can then change his name or level simply by clicking inside the table

  2. To change the limit for recordings simply click the "Record limit: 100" area to edit it.

2.8 Remove data from database

  1. To delete all stored recordings go to the records tab and in the dialog opened in the lower right corner you have options to delete either stored session, or all data stored in the database including heatmaps

  2. You can also delete specific clients (users) with all their coresponding data by selecting the users from the list and clicking the trash icon